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“Instaroute™ SDWAN with Appliance & Managed Services—tailored made to deliver IOT best practices and the compelling value of secure WAN network Infrastructure"


Instaroute™ provides a next-generation, software-defined edge Networks orchestrator built on pervasive and reliable wireline & LTE, connecting people, places, and things everywhere and any anywhere with enterprise-class visibility,security, and control.

Optimum deployment flexibility, Instaroute™ Appliances Series provide a compact and semi-ruggedized 4G LTE router solution array of IoT and M2M, including kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, remote monitoring, remote sensors and control systems, and Smart City infrastructure automation. Our wide array of IoT services and solutions empower you to rapidly launch and easily manage IoT applications


IoT Solutions

​Helping companies to design, develop, and deploy reliable and cost-effective IoT-based solutions. We provide the only device-to-cloud solution for IoT and with proven expertise

Smart City Infrastructure

LTE is an ideal technology to connect Smart-City IoT Infra. Offers an industry-leading portfolio of integrated M2M solutions from connected street lighting to intelligent public safety and transit solutions, to smart energy, water management and IoT video Surveillance solutions at a lower cost. All in one solution- gateways, architecture, cloud platform, managed Service services and more.

Lighting Remote Management
Piping Remote Management
Oil & Gas Remote Management
Water Management Monitoring

Smart Energy Monitoring

Utilities worldwide are transforming antiquated water and energy infrastructure into smarter, interconnected systems. Using connected smart meters to track how resources are distributed and utilised, reducing Cost, theft and losses with improving efficient forecast. Instaroute IoT solutions help optimised resources and serve customers more efficiently.

Smart Meter - Remote Monitoring
Power Station Monitoring
Solar & Wind Energy Monitoring
Transformar Monitoring

Smart Industrial Automation

Enterprise are using Industrial IoT to unlock new possibilities with the ubiquitous reach of Secure and reliable broadband & LTE connectivity at a lower cost can provide real-time asset location, operating parameters, and more to create higher quality products, enable predictive maintenance helps you yield insights that increase efficiency, save energy, and reduce operating costs and support new business models.

Remote Factory Monitoring
CNC Machine Monitoring
Bolier Monitoring
Remote Automation Monitoring

Smart Enviroment Monitoring

Monitor environmental parameters that provide inaccessible, real-time analytics to transform in environmental monitoring extreme weather, water safety, temperature, on air pollutants and humidity by deployed Sensors. Right from data collection to remote monitoring to remote troubleshoot. Instaroute IOT EDGE Gateway always-on connectivity to their mission-critical applications with better accuracy, and flexibility.

Pollution Monitoring
Hydrology Monitoring
Weather Station Monitoring
Reservoir Station Monitoring

Key Features

Design, deploy, manage, and monitor your IOT with Instaroute SD-IOT WAN from EDGE Gateway to Cloud Services


Centralized Console & Real time visibility

Simplify network automation, and real-time status alerts and early insights to mitigate risks and avoid downtime.


Zero Touch deployment

Discovery of new devices and ease-of-use feature to distribute provisioning information over secure connections.


Alert & Advance Analytics

Generate and view insights, alerts and visualization for performance monitoring and security management.


Overall TCO Saving

Reduce TCO & downtime with efficient escalation processes to optimize performance of systems & processes.


Remotely Command & Control

Remotely command and control​ ​network devices to securely on board, monitor, & manage Io T devices.


M2M & IOT Protocols

Support multiple M2M protocol for robust, automated, & highly secure WAN connectivity.

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