Secure, Connect LTE, SD-Wan & Cloud Service

Instaroute™ all-inclusive offerings of SD-Branch with combine custom made services with purpose-built appliances and a comprehensive managed Services to manage your enterprise WAN Infrastructure.


As business changes and grows, scaling up with managing new and evolving office automation, connecting remote offices is a critical, yet challenging, Instaroute SD-Branch helps you by establishing WAN deployment across your enterprise in mission-critical applications for Voice , Video & data. It extends intelligence and automation to all your network segments,with both integrated wireless LTE and wired WAN or non-inte- grated versions with multi-WAN redundancy.with deep visibility and real-time intelligence into all networking and security functions to further simplify ongoing operations.


Managed From Anywhere

Enabling enterprise network administrators to easily create, monitor, manage, and maintain their distributed network running on hybrid WAN sources. Allowing IT organizations to do more with less resources. Advanced analytics provide in depth Network visibility and utilization along with remote troubleshooting simplifies the process of networks by collapsing multiple network functionalities onto a single platform.

Hybrid WAN Approch

A hybrid WAN approach can reduce depandancy on single Link by enabling wired & LTE lastmile running on hybrid WAN sources with auto-failover & fall back to maximize uptime ,allows dynamically selection of lastmile media to ensure cost-effectiveness ,Integrate with diverse WAN connections to ensure optimal application performance and increased availbility, applies multiple traffic management capabilities such as active-active,or active-passive link usage.

Hybrid WAN Integrations

Dynamically steering traffic to ensure cost-effective uptime is exceedingly difficult with traditional WANs.

Wireline + LTE
MPLS + Wireline & LTE
Only LTE

On-Demand Scale

Significantly increased IT agility due to acceleration of time-to-deployment , can roll out SD-Branch deployments quickly as business demands ,reduce the time required to manage networking and security services at the branch,application- and user-aware QoS prioritization, dynamic path selection.

Advance Edge Security

Our cloud-based centralized management console and multi-layered cybersecurity solution helps to control and adjust all branch network and security functions from a single glass pane. Instaroute™ series of routers, gateways & modems securely connect branch networks directly to applications and multilayer security encrypts all data for protection from the WAN edge to the cloud.

Next Generation Firewall
Access Control
Mac Binding

Pay as you Subscribe-NaaS

Simple, secure multi tenant, multisite, and multi cloud SD-WAN branch solution to manage remote and branch offices via a centralized web console. Proactive monitoring, Security and alert management, changes and configurations, Project management, performance and reporting provides full-stack security and monitoring end-to-end.

All in One Hardware Appliance

Branch Routers provide industry-leading LTE as well as Ethernet and WiFi comes multilayer protocol for WAN connectivity i.e. MPLS, IPsec, ILL, Broadband over Ethernet, USB and 4G/3G Interface Support, Auto failover, Load balancing & IPv6 compliance for small- to medium-size branch offices that demand secure, flexible connectivity.

Building a brighter tomorrow—today

Policy Compliance Driven

Nexapp policy driven best-in-class 4G/LTE wireless WAN connectivity, failover and Out-of-Band Management, configuration, and monitoringcapabilities allow an enterprise to diversify their branch....Multi cloud connectivity options simplify and streamline business operations to reduce costs, and provide advanced analytics tools to ensure service-level agreement (SLA) compliance.

Enterprise Class Routing

Instaroute Appliances series supports full range of IP routing protocols including BGP IPv4, BGP IPv6, and RIP v2. Routing table, dynamic path selectionand Policy-based routing offers a reliable and high-performance solution that supports broadband, MPLS, and LTE WAN connections.

Out of Band Management

Management through either the console port or the cloud provides a value-added layer to any failover solution. A secondary path to devices at remote locations whenthe primary network goes down means minimized disruption and downtime.

Application Specific Network

Rapidly deploy, manage and optimize networks at geographically distributed locations with cloud based 4G LTE, Ethernet, WiFi, and SD-WANnetworking solution to access enterprises mission critical applications. Our SD-WAN solution dynamically determines the optimal path for specific application traffic based on policies for consistent and reliable WAN services.

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